Here 12 Interesting Facts That Show That Your Body Is Full Of Surprises!!!

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These days there is barely anything that can surprise you. It seems that everything that comes to our bodies has already been discovered and there are no surprises hidden. Well, that is not totally true, our bodies are still full of surprises and we are going to prove that to you today. Ready?

Of course, we can’t discover the undiscovered, but at least 12 new things about your body you will learn today. Are you interested? They say – knowledge is power, and we totally agree with that. The more you know, the easier your life will be. Besides, taking into consideration our lives’ unpredictability, who knows when you are going to need this info. Maybe tomorrow maybe never. Chances, chances.

  1. You surely know about acid in your stomach, but do you know that it is so strong that it can easily dissolve a razor blade?
  2. Not only snakes are shedding dead skin, humans too. In a yet you lose up to 0.7 kilos of dead skin.
  3. How strong are your bones? You will be surprised that your bones can withstand 16 000 people standing on them.
  4. If you notice that your eye color is slightly different, there is nothing to worry – it happens to lots of people due to aging.
  5. Your hair is so strong that is can hold 2 elephants.
  6. Not only food is necessary to keep you alive, sleep also. A human deprived of sleep dies two times faster than a human deprived of food.
  7. Half of your hand strength is on your pinkie.
  8. Your jaws have the strongest muscles.
  9. There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body.
  10. Red eyes are rare, but people with such a condition exist.
  11. We all sweat, and a healthy sweating equals 4 gallons a day.
  12. In a lifetime an average person produces 2 swimming pools of saliva.

Would you dare to say that our bodies are not special or genially-designed? We doubt that.

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