Here 7 Things You Can Do At Home To Help & Nerve Pain!!!

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Nerve pain is a tingling or burning sensation in the extremities often caused by damaged nerves. What causes the damaged nerves? Scientists and doctors aren’t certain, but chemotherapy and diabetes are two culprits that seem to have something to do with causing nerve pain.

If you find yourself suffering from neuropathy, don’t just throw in the towel. Some nerve pain has been completely reversed, and the nerves healed. Others find that with time and proper treatment, the pain greatly diminishes. Check out the following 7 home treatments for treating your nerve pain.

1. Exercise. A simple way to get some natural pain relief and feel-good hormones flowing through your body are by getting exercise. WebMDpoints out that exercise will do more than make you feel good, though. It increases the blood flow to your extremities which may help reverse the nerve damage, depending on the cause of the nerve pain.

2. Warm soak. Another easy pain relief solution offered by WebMD is to try soaking your feet or hands in warm water. The heat expands the blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood to the damaged nerves and potentially helping to heal or reverse the damage.

3. Capsaicin cream. If you can deal with the discomfort for several weeks before you see improvement, Livestrong recommends capsaicin cream. It’s made from chili peppers; and when first rubbed on, it can create a hot sensation. Those who stick with it report a diminishing in the discomfort and an improvement in the nerve pain.

4. Acupuncture. The Mayo Clinic says that acupuncture might be the way to go if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy. You might need several treatments before you see any improvement, but don’t lose heart.

5. Evening primrose oil. For those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy, the Mayo Clinic recommends trying evening primrose oil. A caution is given that it can interact with other medication, so check with your doctor before taking it.

6. Alpha-Lipoic Acid. Livestrong and the Mayo Clinic both share that Alpha-Lipoic acid (ALA) has been used successfully in Europe to treat peripheral neuropathy. ALA is an antioxidant found in spinach, broccoli, yams, potatoes, yeast, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, rice bran and organ meat from red meat according to WebMD.

7. Celery juice. Some home remedy sources recommend using celery juice to heal nerve pain and damaged nerves. One source recommends using 1/2 cup celery juice with carrot juice to heal damaged nerves, and celery and potato juice to treat nerve pain. Livestrong says that the benefits of celery juice are all theoretical. No scientific studies have shown that it actually works. Traditional Chinese Medicine has included celery in its treatment for diabetes. Speak with your doctor before trying one of these remedies.

None of these are guaranteed to cure your nerve pain, but they’re worth a shot. Before starting any new treatment, check with your healthcare professional. You don’t want to catch them by surprise. One of these remedies may be the solution to your discomfort.

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